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House Cleaning


Top to Bottom clean to leave your home shining. From our specific checklist to customizable a la carte options, your house will be your home  after using our Cleaning service.

Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Cleaning service  then relax and enjoy the comforts of your home .

√ Rates vary on condition of the property

Move In / Out


Handling the stress of moving is hassle. From the lasting memories before you close the doors for the last time or opening new doors for the first, we’ll make your home ready to give you a fresh start.
Please call for pricing or book online.
√ Refrigerator Deep Clean included

Deep Cleaning


A Couple times a year, our perfect home is filled with clutter and dust. That new home feel just doesn’t feel so new. Deep cleaning service is uniquely designed to hit the reset button. From the pesky dust mites, dirt & grime build up, to the annoying nook and crannies you just can’t reach. Whether it’s a Spring Clean or an Emergency Clean, let us make your home spark and easier to maintaining through the our Cleaning service.
Please call for pricing or book online.

One Time Occasion


Juggling the last minute priorities of life can be challenging. Let’s face it, time is precious and we all get busy. From the unexpected in-laws, to the out of town guests, to hosting the perfect dinner party, and to life happens, relax and let our maids compliment your needs.
Please call for pricing or book online.

A’la Carte Services

A’la Carte Services are cleaning ovens and cabinets.

Deep Oven Clean

We can make even the most used ovens looking and smelling like new.

Refrigerator Deep Clean services*

Spills, leaks and the smell of old meatloaf in the fridge are difficult to keep clean. We can take that off your plate

Inside Oven

After a self-clean is run, we remove any left over grim and clean the drawer below.

Inside Cabinets

At times these are hard to maintain. We’ll remove items from the cabinets, thoroughly wipe down, and neatly re-organize.

Wet Wipe Window Blinds

Normal detailed dusting just quite won’t get it. Let us thoroughly wipe down each individual blind with cleaner.

Laundry Wash & Dry

We know laundry is the most agonizing part of chores. Let our highly trained staff ensure your laundry proper cared for.


For our extra detailed customers, a little freshening in the cabinets is all it takes.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Deep and Standard Home Clean have the same checklist. Your initial clean will require a deep clean and if your home has not been clean by Simply Maid Clean within 30 days.


-Clean outside of appliance & microwave
-Empty trash can / Wipe off electrical outlets
-Vacuum or sweep kitchen / Clean baseboards
-Removal of cobwebs / Clean and polish sink
-Sweep or vacumm floor / Clean counter tops
-Clean all blinds / Light fixtures, ceiling fans
-Wipe down windowsills
-Clean outside refrigerator and cabinets


-Light fixtures, ceiling fans / Tidy-up Areas
-Clean windowsills & blinds / Clean baseboards
-Clean glass & mirrors / Dust mop woods floors
-Dust all corners / Vacuum / Mop
-Sweep or vacuum & mop floor


-Clean baseboards & floors / Polish faucet
-Clean blinds / Remove cobwebs
-Clean the doors / Clean toilet
-Clean tub & shower / Clean baseboards
-Clean vanities / Clean outside cabinets
-Wipe down window sills/ Bathroom Cleaning service

Living Areas / Dining Room

-Clean baseboards / Dust surfaces
-Clean windowsills & blinds / Remove cobwebs
-Clean the doors / Dust corners
-Dust mop wood floors / Clean glass & mirrors
-Clean light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans

Cleaning Services Not Offered

Unfortunately there are some kinds of services that are not included in our packages :

X Cleaning of Chandeliers

X Wet Wiping of Light Bulbs

X Cleaning of Bio-hazards (Mold, etc)

X Hoarding, Animal Waste/Litter/Insects

X Heavy Scrubbing of Walls

X Grout Cleaning

X Construction Clean-up

X Heavy Duty/Steam Carpet Cleaning

X High To Reach Areas (More than a 2 step ladder)

X Putting Away Dishes

X Washing of Exterior Windows

X Clean inside of fireplaces​

X Floor Bluffing , Waxing, Residue Removal from constructor damage