On This Day – Happy Father’s Day!

June 18, 2017 by Simply Maid Clean




As Simply Maid Clean looks to celebrate Father’s Day with our customers and their families, we must take time to say “Thank You” to all of our Fathers for being an instrumental part of our success!


Strong Man Vs. Machine Vs. Normal Man:


SIMPLE SUMMARY: Passionate Dad’s always wins, but Machines outlast them all, humility sets in, and the normal Man sits in frustration.
On this day we support our dad’s taking a breather and the day off. Relaxing, enjoying fun filled events, and moms taking the lead. Broken items and unfinished projects just don’t seem to matter on this day. Man Cave’s tend to get the greatest use, steam fiddles, and anxiety just fades away. Those kid like-dreams and creative thought provoking ideas now ring back and motivation sings in the day. As the night falls and the moment tends to fade, one thing our dad’s will always remember is how accomplished and refreshed they are from this very day.



How can Simply Maid Clean show our appreciation:


  • Comfort Space – Remember our teams are there to maintain these Man Caves, Garages, and comfort areas to ensure they are free of cutter, organized, and ready for your enjoyment


  • Mom’s Little Helper – Time spend on chores of deep cleaning is time away from mom helping take some of the family pressure from dad. There is always work to be done in the home, let us do the heavy lifting on the clean and Dad enjoy one extra hand to help you.


  • Family time – Family and Friends are stress relievers so why not enjoy it. Do chores is always “Never” fun and often there is just not enough time to fit in your dad so they get skipped over, missed, or delayed. However, as the build, the chores just dig deeper, become more stressful, and tend to never go away. Allow us to fill this daily void and take this off your plate. Come home to a fresh smelling clean home like you stepped into it for the very 1st time as a new homeowner. Daily maintenance becomes a breeze and you have found a new friend and a partner in Simply Maid Clean.


Happy Fathers Day!


Thank you Simply Maid Clean current and future customers. Thanks again to all of our Dads out there and know you have a helping hand in us! Contact our professional maids today at 469-481-6926.