My Little Helpers – Cleaners Best Friend

June 17, 2017 by Simply Maid Clean



Parents Solutions To Their Cleaning Problem
How many times has Phyllis Diller cleaning with kids quote been quoted. Can we say a million plus. So here it goes again “Cleaning the house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing,”

How true is that!!!. Maintaining a home with kid is down right tiresome and non the less extremely challenging. Parents you have found your solution to your motivation: YOUR KIDS!!


Act One: Making them part of the solution and not the problem.


Act Two: Set the expectation by following the below.


Little Big Minds
Parents, at a young age, how many kids do not like to help. Honestly, they just love to be around you even when you are doing chores. Allow their minds to explore. When you clean, start to set the expectation of how the household should run.


If you slack, so will they. If you are consistent in picking up items and cleaning, they will follow. Their minds are constantly thinking and eyes are consistently watching their surroundings. You lead and they will follow the leader in you. Providing a sense of appreciation and accomplish is key.


Remember be careful with the rewards as the goal is to show the expectations of life. You don’t want to over reward as they won’t appreciate what you are trying to teach. So remember building that lastly foundation is the goal while getting these great minds to enjoy the experience.


Power of Words – Specificity is Key
A lot of time in a haste to get things done, we become too wordy with kids and we find our original direction somehow got lost in translation. Where did we go wrong?


Answer: Words!!


Solution: Be Specific and Precise and these great minds will follow. Give them simple tasks to accomplish your goal. Telling them to clean their entire room is a daunting task and will never be done as expected. Telling them to clean specific items of the room is Key.


We know those little minds can barely focus from one second to the next so start small and simple. Then build the foundation. Be proud of their efforts even if they forget some things.


Messy Little Toys
“Song parents sing the Clean Up Song, but I just yell, “I’m getting garbage bags you better hope you can pick up your toys faster than I can!” ~Real American Dad.


Who know the trick to this clean up are Toy Bins. Organizing the toys into specific bins and rearranging the toys will teach your kids organization skills. Sit back and watch the magic happen. When your kid starts to take out the toys, they will remember which bins they came from. When you tell them to clean up the toys, they will place the toys back to the bins in which the came.


This is also called opening up the foot traffic in the room. Amazing!! Now you can walk through without stepping on the little ninja sword.


Believe It Or Not
Parents, what kid doesn’t love roll play. Even when my kid was small and growing, he mimicked everything we did. One thing he always loved was watching us vacuum our rooms. At first it scared him, but then he was like wow this isn’t scary, this thing moves, and makes funny noises. Then of course he wanted to push it and see how it worked.


He got to love it so much that we bought him a toy vacuum just for him. He loved it.


So encouraging them to be my little helper at a young age when they are in imitation mode will lead to success.


ABCs and Coloring Game
Does your kids love counting their ABCs and saying their Colors. Welcome to the world of Youtube, Bob the Train, ABC Mouse, and all the other special ways your kids grew up to learn. Then came the wonderful toys your kids loved to leave on the floor and not put up.


Parents remember those wonderful games and tricks you use to play with your kids to do things they did not necessary want to do. Go back to the basics with naming the alphabet and colors and you will turn that Frown into a Smile with simple games as they grow.


They are now learning the meaning of how to put these words and colors together, open their imagination to simple chores and organization.


Perfection is not our Goal: Appreciate the Joy: Not the Chore in them
This one is simple. Don’t be a Meany. Give your kids encouragement and support to provide a sense of accomplishment. Teach them how to progress and become the best they can be.


When having them help clean, do not expect perfection each time. Remember it’s like baby steps, the repetition is the goal. The more they try the better they will get. Then Walla and Presto!! A sense of accomplishment of perfection through your encouragement is found.