5 Tips to Keep a Clean and Organized Kitchen

August 28, 2017 by Simply Maid Clean

5 Tips to Keep a Clean and Organized kitchen

It can be a constant challenge to keep your kitchen tidy, clean and organized always. Your kitchen is the place where you not only cook and consume meals but also make memories. From cooking for yourself or your friends and family to entertaining guests, the kitchen is a busy space since as you tend to spend a lot of time in there. Apart from being reserved for preparing meals and having dinner, this little corner of your home can be quite messy if not organized and cared for properly.

At Simply Maid Clean, we offer expert kitchen cleaning services & Complete cleaning solution that not only make your kitchen stay organized and beautiful. We have listed out five simple and practical tips that will help you keep your kitchen clean and organized always.



Declutter the kitchen :

Cutting clutter in the kitchen and on the countertops is one of the best ways to keep your space clean and organized. Here’s a simple way to do it.

Identify messy corners and shelves in your kitchen and start with decluttering them.
In every home, there are a few things that are not required anymore.
Take a good look at your kitchen and insides of the cabinets and identify things that are just adding clutter to space and doing nothing else. Begin the decluttering process by categorizing items into those that can be thrown away, or given away to charity or reuse.

Items which are of no use to you but could be of use to someone else should be given away.
If you have a lot of new cutlery items and don’t think that the old ones are of any use to you – then the best thing would be to donate them to someone in need.


Keep the sink and dishwasher empty & clean :


Make it a habit to clean the dishes before you go to bed so that you can wake up to a cleaner kitchen. Keeping the kitchen sink and countertop tidy by using disinfectant wipes, after every cleaning routine keeps your space neat and tidy. Meanwhile, a clean and hygienic kitchen space with no smelly corners and countertops, or sight of that greasy food gunk adds warmth to your space. Hence, it is always advisable to clean the dirty dishes without procrastination to make your kitchen space feel more welcoming.


Quick and Easy access to kitchen cleaning tools :


Creating an organized system for quick and easy access to kitchen cleaning tools saves you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to waste hours searching when you need to clean the countertops after cooking. It is advised to keep all the essential cleaning tools such as scrub brushes, scrapers, rubber gloves, dish soaps and sponges among others near the sink. Having them visible on the sink counter space makes you feel like cleaning way faster than procrastinating.


Say No to a Messy Countertop :


We know that messy countertops are a nightmare. The pasta that fell out of the dish on the countertop or the flour that you dusted while baking bread – whether you know it or not – leave their memories on the countertop. If you don’t clean them immediately, it could create a mess and even spread infection. Hence, always remember to clear and clean the countertop before and after cooking. Keep disinfectant wipes or kitchen tissues handy and next time, you will find a nice and squeaky-clean countertop every time you step in the kitchen.


Make way for Trash :


Don’t let those small garbage bowls rule your kitchen. While you use them to collect a bit of trash, it is not advisable to let overflowing garbage in multiple bowls become a hygiene issue in the kitchen. Based on your family size, it is advisable to keep a suitable-sized sturdy trash can in the kitchen that is neatly covered. A covered trash can with a high-quality lid prevents a smelly kitchen and spreading of germs.

If you’d love to have a cleaner, well-organized and happier kitchen at your home, but unsure about where to begin, book an appointment today with us here or call us at 469-481-6926.